Ascrono® CableCare Tray

Ascrono® CableCare Tray

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Ascrono® CableCare Tray

Ascrono® CableCare Tray

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Trusted by the best

Elegant Cable Management

Unintrusive design with high quality details

Fast & Easy Access

Switch and hide cables in seconds with the hook system

Long Lasting Materials

Made from Aluminum and Dust Resistant, Fire Retardant Woven Fabrics

Clamp Mounted

No Screws required. Mounts to wood, glass & metal tables. (Optional Screw Kit included)

Extra Spacious

Fits even large power bricks and power strips. (Fits 140W MacBook Power Brick)


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Which CableCare Tray size is right for my desk

We recommend to pick a cable tray size that is about between 50-70% the length of your desk size.

E.g. A 40 inch (100 cm) desk, should use a 27.3 in (69.4 cm) cable tray

Which table thickness & materials is the CableCare Tray Compatible with?

The clamp mount supports tables up to a thickness of 1.6 in (4.1cm) and can be mounted to wood, glass & metal desks.

The screw mount supports any table thickness, but can be primarily used with wooden desks.

How can I attach the CableCare Tray to my desk?

The cable management tray comes with two options to fix it to your desk: you can either use the clamps provided (so there is no need to drill into the desk) or else mount it with screws, which will require a drill.

Note that in case you are using external clamps for your multiple monitors setup, the clamps of the monitor arms may interfere with the clamps for the cable tray.

In this case, you will need to use the screw mount. In the majority of the cases however, the clamp mounts will work without any issues.

What kind of devices can fit inside?

The CableCare Tray is designed to accommodate larger power bricks, power strips & lots of cables.

It is 3.9 in (10 cm) wide and 4.7 (12 cm) high, providing enough space even for some of the largest power bricks.

Is the fabric fire retardant?

The fabric used in this product is certified to be fire retardant and safe for use in office buildings according to standards NFPA 701:2023 (US Standard) and EN 13501-1 (EU Standard)

In addition, the fabric is dust resistant, avoiding dust to easily get stuck on it.

Are additional cable organizers included in my purchase?

We want you to see no cables at all!

Because of that the CableCare Tray comes with 10 cable ties and 6 adhesive cable ties, which allow you to manage cables that are leading toward or out of the CableCare Tray!

How fast is the shipping?

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We typically ship to addresses in the US in 1-3 business days.

The exact shipping time is dependent on your location, day of the week & product availability.

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